About Gridlock Lacquer

Gridlock Lacquer is a small business located in Buffalo, NY which focuses on creating hand-mixed, specialty nail polishes.  Each nail polish is named for a person, place, event or thing that has helped shaped the culture of its namesake city. 

Buffalo, NY is the pioneer city and headquarters for a reason.  It is a historically important city that is often known more for its negative features than positive.  Long winters, wide ride and no goal have given Buffalo a bad reputation, but those who live here know all it has much to offer.  Gridlock Lacquer hopes to pay tribute to Buffalo's finer qualities which boasts such a rich, industrial history and to the hardworking citizens who have created a city so significant, to so many.  This love of former industrial giants is slowly spreading to encompass other rustbelt cities, which now includes Rochester, Niagara Falls, Cleveland and Pittsburgh!  Stay tuned as we paint homage to a city close to your heart!